Tuesday, March 31, 2009

They Call Themselves the Malaysian Archangels

Click on photo to enlarge.
This photo is taken from Moe Nasrul's private collection.

Talk about obsessive david disorder!

The super fans of David Archuleta in Malaysia had gathered and found the Malaysian Arch Angels to make their voices heard.

The Archangels are nice enough to send us pretty cupcakes with Fly FM logo, names of our DJs, and David Archuleta's name on the cup cakes. I'm not too sure but i think the flowers are from them too.

Talk about a good way to publicize yourself. See right after these delicious cupcakes and pretty bouquet of flowers, we're hooked! In fact, we mentioned the Malaysian Arch Angels in our David Archuleta's Showcase promo script and you might have heard it on the radio.

Bouquet of flowers photo collage with DJ Jules and Adam.
Click on photo to enlarge. Photo is taken from Moe Nasrul's private collection.

Fans of David Cook...where are you at?

P/S: Is Archuleta the first American Idol contestant to come to Malaysia?


LeSScAkAp said...

ur not a fan or arhuletta eh?

Moe Nasrul said...

Archuleta's songs are surprisingly good. It's quite infectious. But i've always been rooting for David Cook :)

Mandy said...

David Cook, yes please!!!!