Monday, March 23, 2009

Breaking NEWS: The NERD situation

Photo Courtesy of Desedo Films

NERD at Sunburst 2009. Photo Courtesy of Sutheshnathan on Flickr

Here is the latest news in the entertainment industry. According to Juice Online, NERD had cancelled their Jakarta gig because they got pissed off after they were detained by Malaysian Authorites.

What happened? Apparently the licenses to have NERD perform in Malaysia had been denied twice due to inappropriate dressing and during Sunburst they performed without a license. SO the Malaysian authorites detained the band and held their passports. Pineapple had negotiated with authorities and took responsibility to let NERD go.

By this time NERD had been pissed and cancelled their Jakarata gig. Seriously shame on Pineapple and how internationally embarassing it is for Malaysia.

On Behalf of all Malaysians to Jakarta and NERD we are so sorry.


eMilyism said...

For money, event management companies sanggup defy laws and ended up humiliate the country.

But on the other hand, i just don't see the reason for denying N.E.R.D's permit. Inappropriate dressing? What about the PCDs?

And i would bet my money on Korn, not N.E.R.D, to be denied permit.

This shouldn't happened la. As tho we are not getting enuff bad cred with the western media (Gwen, RiRi, Avril)

Naim said...

I gotta say, at least bands are making rounds in malaysia now. Makes it just that much more fun in malaysia

eMilyism said...

do you mean local bands?

Moe Nasrul said...

I think he means international acts :D but if things like this keep happening then that might end one day.

- j o d O i N k - said...

wat inappropriate dressing?are they stupid or what? they were just dressed in jeans and t shirts man!
then compare to John Legend last year, wet white t shirt with the nipple showing! that's inappropriate!then there were other bands who stripped down to his boxers, masks! apa itu! NONSENSE!

if say that it's because of the language, acceptable la...this? utter rubbish man!