Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 1: Follower of the Week

I've finally decided who is the first follower of the week:

~**Drum roll please **~

It's Emilia a.k.a Emilia Mills!!!!

~** Clap Clap**~

Mills is my girlfriend's twin sister. Mills is a technical writer in an MNC, an avid blogger who loves literature, online games (she gives away free e-books and games every once in a while on her blog), and an animal lover. She has a pet cat named King Kong, a fat black neutered cat, and another cat named Butet. She evidently favors King Kong more since she has a tag labelled King Kong on her blog, a nice profile photo of her and King Kong on her profile, and she talks about King Kong as though King Kong is her kid, not pet. Recently, Mills has turned vegetarian after watching a bull torture-and-slaughter documentary on Majalah 3.

Why she is the follower of the week?
She is the first registered follower, surpassing my girlfriend. Sorry sayang, there is a pecking order for this and i have to be fair. But i'll treat you to your favourite butter pecan ice-cream this saturday, ok?

Mills also leaves a lot of comments on my posts and chat box to keep things warm in this cyberspace even when my posts were unwitty or dry. That is why she is an obvious choice!

Mills is a blogger who is both witty and clever. I just plain love going to her blog and get myself ready to be enlightened, or to enjoy a well-written joke. For example, she gave her two cents worth on this TV programme and described it to a T. Best quote from that post? "I was raped.....intellectually". Seriously, there isn't a dull moment about her posts.

I know my future sister-in-law has a heart of gold. Last year, to celebrate her birthday, she organized a blog charity drive to collect food, toys, clothes, and money for the needy. Her two months long blog campaign managed to raise RM3,000 in money and boxes and boxes of toys and food. It was all donated to the St. Joseph's Orphanage Home in Penang. I was there to show my support for her charity drive where i was the game master for the games we set up for the children.

So Mills, CONGRATULATIONS *woot woot* and a big HUG to you for always supporting my endavours, for always accomodating me whenever this I'm in Penang. As a huge thank you, I'm giving you two tickets to watch "Watchmen".

*Gasp* That's the surprise. See? It pays to follow and support. I am always grateful.