Monday, March 23, 2009

The Rules for calling Shotgun.

I don't mean this kind of Shotgun. Photo Courtesy of Google.

Everybody wants to ride shotgun but there never seems to be any official rule... or is there?

After some random internet surfing (i was surfing for some car jokes to crack) i came across something so interesting that i had to put up a post about this topic. It reminds me of all those years growing up with my younger brother, Naim.

Now for those of you who do not know what 'Calling for Shotgun' means, let's have a peek at the Moe-tionary, shall we?:

1. A gun that consists of two barrels.
2. The process in which a passenger has claimed the right to sit in front with the driver like two bullets in the barrel of a shotgun. Dave, Terry and Moe walk towards Moe's car and suddenly Dave yells "Shotgun"

The Rules are way to extensive to put up on this post, so for those interested in the wonderful world of Calling for Shotgun just click here.

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