Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...

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Photos courtesy of my Fly bethren, Mr. Aush Lycan.

Hey guys,

This is a backdated entry, but i had to wait for Aush to upload the photos to his Facebook. Thanks Aush!

M.A.C (the cosmetics, not Apple *lol*) approached me once again to be the emcee for their event. I emceed M.A.C FAFI launch in Mid Valley last year. I guessed they like me. That, or i'm charging too low. *Just kidding*

I can now look back at all these photos with good memories, but having to emcee the event for five days in a row, is agonizing. Don't get me wrong. I love what i do, but waking up at four a.m. to prep for my news and traffic report for the Pagi Show, doing air checks post-Pagi Show, meetings, and voice over recordings then rush off to emcee the event in Mid Valley for five days in a row can be tiring :).

Anyways, a little bit of info about the product and event. M.A.C relentlessly pursuit to combine their exciting new color with another popular icon. First, it was M.A.C and Barbie, then it was FAFI. Now, M.A.C cosmetics teamed up with Hello Kitty. The result? Hello Kitty Kouture. There's two range of MAC Hello Kitty products-- sweet and innocent Hello Kitty Mild and the out on the prowl Hello Kitty Wild.

Mild Kitty and Wild Kitty

Anyways, the launch (March 4th) was graced by local celebrities, designers, and VIPs. From March 5th to March 8th, complimentary make-up session were conducted by M.A.C make up artists, mini private function especially for Cleo and Cosmopolitan readers, appearances by the Mild and Wild Kitty, and M.A.C Hello Kitty balloons were given away to the public.

Can you imagine the power-that-be of Hello Kitty? Almost all of the Hello Kitty merchandise were sold out by the end of day two. Hundreds would queue up for the balloons. If they couldn't get a balloon today, they would come back and try their luck the next day. Children were getting squashed by inconsiderate adults *tsk tsk*. What's worst then adults squashing kids just to get a balloon, right? Smelling a lawsuit coming if the situation got uglier, velvet ropes were put up to indicate queuing area and balloon give-away session were scheduled.

If M.A.C is reading this entry, thanks for the opportunity...for two years in a row!


Enjy said...

Send me MAC make up!! Hahah.
<3 Enjy

Moe Nasrul said...

i'm sorry babe. I didn't get anything either :(

Enjy said...

Aww I'm sad :[ Lolol Jk. I think it's really cool that you get to go to all these MAC events!

Moe Nasrul said...

I'll make sure next time i can get some MAC stuffs for ya...:)