Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Saving the World for One Hour...

To countdown to Earth Hour, Fly FM's 'Must Have Music' segment is playing acoustics, unplugged version of today's must have music. Tune into Fly FM and join us to support Earth Hour. Photo courtesy of Fly FM.

It is 4 days, 4 hours and 44 minutes till Earth Hour (as of this writing).

To countdown to Earth Hour, which will be celebrated at 8:30pm on the 28th of March (this Saturday), i'll be writing a post daily about Earth Hour and what is represents--the effects of global warming and ways we can do to conserve energy.

Everyone in the studio is doing there part. Even the Media Prima TV and Radio Station are shutting down for an hour to show support for the Earth Hour campaign. We're talking total shutdown for an hour. NTV7, 8TV, TV3, and TV9 will cease transmission for an hour. Hot FM, One FM, and Fly FM will also shut down for an hour.

It's going to be really exciting!!!! We'll get to see how everyone is adjusting to living without lights and everything electric/electronic for an hour. So don't forget to visit my blog on the 29th of March to see my Vblog for the celebration.

Currently, Fly FM's Must Have Music (10am -4pm) is only playing acoustic songs. It is a symbolic gesture to spread the Green message as going unplugged saves energy; hence saves the world *minus saving the cheerleader*.

You should definately check it out throughout this week because the acoustic versions are always different than the original like Lady Gaga's Poker Face sounds like a jazz/blues song and i swear Katy Perry sounds so Rock and Roll.

Hunny Madu Doing her thing on air.
Photos from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

Photo Courtesy of Hunnymadu.blogspot.com

I was talking to Hunny Madu earlier before her show and asked what does she to help save the environment. She uses Compact Fluorescent Light all over her apartment. Although they cost slightly more than a normal light bulb, they last longer and really makes an impact on your electric bill. Something for all of us to consider.
Jules "I use cup instead of Styrofoam".
Photos from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

I also asked Jules from the Rush Hour how does she fight global warming. It was quite cute(since she got that sweet raspy just-out-of-bed voice of hers) how she answered. She basically told me that she doesn't use the air-conditioning at her place and would only do so when there are guests. That and she would always bring her own shopping bag when she does her shopping, as to decrease the use of plastic bags.

I guess we are all in some ways doing our part and together this 28th March we all can make a big difference. Don't forget to register and be counted at earthhour.org/malaysia

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