Wednesday, December 30, 2009


  Chaos in the chatbox and lack of sleep... blaaaaargh!!! oh boy that made me sound like old mister Scrouge. I had to admit today (or is it yesterday) was a roller coaster of events. It seemed that I was sky rocketing from one part of PJ to another and then some how making it to Shah Alam beating the armies of scrawling cars.

When the day ended I had sat on my bed and tried to close my eyes... and I couldn't sleep for the third night in a row. With a big sigh I had to say "Dude I think I'm a Vampire..."

Photo was sketched by Moe Nasrul

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Water Intoxication?

Have you ever surfed the internet and learned something really new that blew your mind away?

That's what happened to me about a few minutes ago. I was researching on tips and tricks of the radio DJ profession to satisfy my insatiable need for information about the topic and I came across a story about a 28 year old women who died during and on-air contest.

I was curious because I worked in radio for so long and nothing that was done was ever life threatening. So I googled it up. Apparently the contest was done in the USA called "hold your wee for a Wii" where contestants would have to drink large amounts of water without urinating.

the scary part is that the 28 year old women had died in the middle of the contest due to drinking to much water and no she did not drown. It appears that you can drink to much water where it poisons your body. don't believe me? Check this video out. A news report about the whole incident.

If you want to find out more about it in detail and/or in a more scientific point of view check out the wikipedia article on the subject.

Moral of the story... too much of a good thing is bad for you.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3?

Once in a while I have mentioned that the camera to my Sony Ericsson K810i had been damaged due to a mid level fall from  my pocket to the ground meanwhile flipping and flopping in mid-air two or three times putting even Tony Hawk's skateboard to shame.

As a result the camera phone never worked the same ever again. I could make calls and SMS but i couldn't take pictures which drove me crazy!!! I mean how am i suppose to blog without pictures. It's almost nearly impossible. I could rely on my fabulous writing skills to drive a good story home... yeah right as if and the moon is made of cheese.

Before I unveil my solution to this little problem I would like to demonstrate how badly damaged or unique or eccentric my camera phone had become by making this video below to prove my point.

  What was the solution you might ask? get a new camera!!! So Emily and I decided to do some camera shopping to find that perfect camera that would fulfill all our needs, pack a whole lot of punch and yet is light enough to camwhore with!!!

So we came across the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 which seemed to fit the bill. It was one of those Semi-professional cameras which is sort of a hybrid between Digital cameras and SLRs. Something like the oxymoronic battery powered petrol car but for the world of cameras.

I have to admit I feel in love with the thing to the point that if it were a living and breathing female, I'd have to marry it. Sorry Emily, still love ya with all my heart tho sugar pie.

Photos courtesy of and Panasonic... cause I can't take pictures with my Sony Ericsson any duh :P
At the moment we are charging the battery for 8 hours before we bring it into the world of sweaty palms and squinty eyes. Man it's like having a baby or something like it.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm currently in the works to get my up and running. Don't worry will still be running and kept alive. My blog will be kept for personal updates and random topics not related to my current career path and of course behind the scenes look at what I do on a normal basis and the events I attend and most importantly people I meet along the way.

The website would be more towards news about my current musical project and the soon to be released album which would be released mid 2010 (if all goes well).

The website would also feature Podcasts and an online Tv show which I am currently developing. Will keep you guys updated on it's progress as we go along. Cheers.

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Haters in the Box

As of late there have been a lot of hateful messages left on the Chatbox towards those who love K-pop and there have been suggestions via e-mail that I should take down the Chatbox for this very reason.

First and foremost I do not condone these hateful messages and that it is completely not okay to make a statement for the purpose of hurting others. However, I would like to state that I am a firm believer in the Freedom of Speech and in my little world here floating in cyber space I believe should embody that concept. Everyone I believe has there own opinion and everyone has the right to express it. I don't believe in censoring the Chat box or even comments to my posts for the very same principle I mentioned earlier. To me censoring it would be so "1984" and I am more of a peace loving guy rather than a totalitarian. I always admitted that if I lived in the 60s I’d probably be a hippie.

You see, I run my blog based on an honor system where your comments and statements are only limited to your own personal conscience. I believe in the good in people and I would love to trust people because as the old saying goes "do onto others what you wish to be done onto yourself".

So the answer is no I would not take down the Chatbox nor would I enforce any kind of censorship.

However, I would also like to address the haters and say that words do hurt people sometimes more than the hurt of physical pain. I urge for the sake of your personal conscience and for the good I know which is in everyone, that you express your opinions in a way that doesn't hurt people. This is not an order or an ultimatum of any sort and honestly you have every right to follow it or not. Like I said I am not a totalitarian type but this is however a friendly advice to you. K-pop lover or not, we are all people and there is already way too much violence in the world. Why add to it?

Now to all the lovers, thank you very much for visiting my blog and dropping your comments. You guys are the best in the whole wide world and I’m sorry if there were some dark clouds on an otherwise sunny day in the chat area. Thanks again and continue to support what you love, let no one take that away from you.

With Peace and Love,

Moe Nasrul

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

P1 WiMAX Social Media Event

An awesome event took place last week where I got to meet my fellow celebrities and members of the online social networks like twitter, and various bloggers. It was cool that instead of wearing name tags with our names on it, we had our twitter alias instead listed on our name tag. To make easier to tweet each other I guess :D

I will further update this post as my camera phone wasn't working at the time so I gotta "borrow" a few pictures from a few people like Mike and Jules...

Hopefully I'll be able to upload them all by this Thursday. So stay tuned for pictures of this awesome social event by P1 WiMAX.
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Hannah Tan's Charity Concert at Gardens Mid Valley.

On Sunday, I was invited to attend Hannah Tan's Live Concert at Gardens Ballroom Mid Valley by Leonard who is part of Hannah's Management and the is also the guitarist of An Honest Mistake.
Beat Boxer Shawn Lee was also there Along with Erin his manager.

And it was the first time I got to see Dennis Lau the violinist perform Live!!

That and the concert was filled with star studded Guests

 As well as there was an Illusionist in our ranks making things disappear and then reappear in all the places where you'd never thought an ace of spades could appear out of.

It was also the first time I saw Harith Iskandar do stand up and play the guitar!  To a comical blues song of course.

It was also great that I got to meet the people who belong to the world of blogging. Like,, Shaz, and many others.


All in all it was an awesome event.

P.s. Yes my camera phone is working again :D

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Snookie gets punched in the face and Bookfest 2009? huh?

  If your confused by the title of this post then let me explain. As of last week I've been tinkering around with the idea that applications like top tending topics on twitter really reflects whats on the minds of people all over the world or at least the internet surfing majority.

Today I decided to have a peep at Google Trends and research what are people searching for today? here is the top searches on Google Trends for the USA:
1. volksfront
  2. flipadelphia
  3. snookie gets punched
  4. gretchen rossi blog
  5. been verified
  6. ruben studdard
  7. browns beat steelers
  8. credit card connection
  9. cleveland browns
10. angelina jersey shore

It seems that the top three topics have to do with a Neo-nazi stabbing incident, Sookie from a reality show called Jersey Shore getting punched

Then it dawned on me, that this was what was on top of the minds of the people of USA but what about the Asian part of the world? I couldn't find Google trends for Malaysia (yet) so i did the next best thing and found the Google trends for Singapore. Now lets look into the minds of Singaporeans:

 Hot Searches   (Singapore)
  1. starhub singapore
  2. weak underdetermination
  3. hock lian seng
  4. suntec reit
  5. starhub imail
  6. starhub mobile
  7. cytochalasin
  8. bookfest 2009
  9. strong underdetermination
10. starhub broadband

It seems technology and a Bookfest is on the minds of Singaporeans. Does that mean Asians are generally smarter and have less violence in their lives? What do you think?

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top 10 K-pop artists and what else is on the mind of the world.

Having just returned from Penang and spent a good evening resting and attending to some unfinished work here in the Klang Valley, I do what I usually do to take my mind of things; I surf the web.

Out of pure curiosity I decided to Google what were the top 10 biggest K-pop artists at this point of time. I came across which gave me the answer. So far the Top 10 biggest K-pop artist are as follows:









Girls' Generation

Super Junior

Dong Bang Shin Ki

As One

Roller Coaster

Wonder Girls

Big Bang

Some Pretty cool insight, and speaking of insight I then decided to see exactly what is on the mind of the majority of the world. Hence why I logged on to my Twitter account to find out what are the hot trending topics which in my opinion really does reflect what is on the minds of the global majority or at least the global internet community majority. Here are the trending topics so far:

Funny How Tiger Woods is still on everyones mind because of the sudden revelation that he does fool around with the blonde girl types and not once or twice but nine times. To be honest what i really wanna see revealed is not how many women Tiger has pounced on but really what is going on behind the scenes right now and how his publicity team and management are going crazy and adding gray hairs and wrinkles to their already worried features. Not that I like human suffering just that I came from a Advertising and PR background and I know how chaotic things can get and truly that's when your heart starts to pump out massive loads of adrenaline.

That and of course Christmas. It is December and it's not a big surprise. However what really is bugging me are the Christmas Carols being played at the malls. "I say mommy kissing Santa Clause." now was mommy making out with old St Nick? How gross... yuck! Funny how vulgar and violent seemingly innocent things Nursery Rhymes. Oooh the violence!!  :P

For Shizzle My Nizzle... don't know why but I've been saying that for weeks now and way past the 23 day mark to make it into a habit... sigh...I guess I like the sound of it. For shizzle :P

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Attack of the Sorry Sorry Dance!!!!

 I was surfing a few minutes ago and I came across a fansite for Super Junior called and came across this really funny video of what looks like a Baseball team dancing to Sorry Sorry before the start of the game!!! It seems that Rugby has the All Black's Hakka Dance and Baseball now has the Sorry Sorry Dance!!

Gotta thank for helping me come across this one and of course they also got another fan sight for Super Junior fans in Malaysa called ... check it out sometime :D

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sorry Sorry Dance!!!

  That's right based on a dare and a million youtube videos sent in here is the final (and most embarassing) performance of Mike and Moe Nasrul's Sorry Sorry Dance...

P.s. I was the only one who really tried to take it seriously :P as opposed to mike he was just fooling around hummmph!!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009


  It's funny how events have an impact on the world. Check this out ever since Tiger Woods has gotten in trouble cause he can't his club in his drawers, infidelity is on everyone's minds or more specifically "why do men cheat." Lets look at the top Twitter trends for the past few hours shall we.

A good glimpse into the world people...

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the eye of the Tiger...Woods?

During the previous 8tv nite live Mike Campton and I had talked about Tiger Woods and his whole slam his car into a fire hydrant and his neighbours tree incident. It seems ever since then our dear Old Tiger has been getting into a whole lot of trouble.

The first was a hint of a possible affair with Rachel Uchitel, which she had come out and said it wasn't true and that the people that claimed to be here close friends and leaked out such a dirty little secret to the Enquirer were not close friends at all (or at least not anymore, i mean if my friends leaked out such a secret I'd instantly defriend them too!!!).

And according to, Woods was caught being an absolute "Tiger" with a sizzling brunette!!! hmmmm... I'm pretty sure this brunett is not his wife. see below :D

Yup I'm pretty sure the brunette is not his wife.

Now it seems that there was a voicemail recording left for his supposed mistress- Jaimee Grubbs!!!! check out the article on . It seems that Jaimee Grubbs has been showing off the affection she's been getting from the worlds highest paid sportsman by playing it to her co-workers at work. But dude for a guy who makes millions and has a hot bombshell wife his supposed mistress is damn scary looking! Ladies and Gentlemen lets turn our attention to Exhibit A:

This proves that Tiger can drive really well on the green but on the road and with the ladies..errrr.

Photos Courtesty os and TMZ.comMoe Nasrul's Facebook profile