Thursday, December 24, 2009

Haters in the Box

As of late there have been a lot of hateful messages left on the Chatbox towards those who love K-pop and there have been suggestions via e-mail that I should take down the Chatbox for this very reason.

First and foremost I do not condone these hateful messages and that it is completely not okay to make a statement for the purpose of hurting others. However, I would like to state that I am a firm believer in the Freedom of Speech and in my little world here floating in cyber space I believe should embody that concept. Everyone I believe has there own opinion and everyone has the right to express it. I don't believe in censoring the Chat box or even comments to my posts for the very same principle I mentioned earlier. To me censoring it would be so "1984" and I am more of a peace loving guy rather than a totalitarian. I always admitted that if I lived in the 60s I’d probably be a hippie.

You see, I run my blog based on an honor system where your comments and statements are only limited to your own personal conscience. I believe in the good in people and I would love to trust people because as the old saying goes "do onto others what you wish to be done onto yourself".

So the answer is no I would not take down the Chatbox nor would I enforce any kind of censorship.

However, I would also like to address the haters and say that words do hurt people sometimes more than the hurt of physical pain. I urge for the sake of your personal conscience and for the good I know which is in everyone, that you express your opinions in a way that doesn't hurt people. This is not an order or an ultimatum of any sort and honestly you have every right to follow it or not. Like I said I am not a totalitarian type but this is however a friendly advice to you. K-pop lover or not, we are all people and there is already way too much violence in the world. Why add to it?

Now to all the lovers, thank you very much for visiting my blog and dropping your comments. You guys are the best in the whole wide world and I’m sorry if there were some dark clouds on an otherwise sunny day in the chat area. Thanks again and continue to support what you love, let no one take that away from you.

With Peace and Love,

Moe Nasrul

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Miss Healerzz said...

oppa, fighting! I believed your decision made is the best of all the suggestions given to you :)

I'll stop spamming there, ignoring the hate would be better XD


Moe Nasrul said...

Thanks :D All I want is peace among everyone :)

eMilyism said...

Super support Miss Healerzz!!!! Let us take the high road :D

Miss Healerzz said...

^yeay!! *brings support banners and balloons*