Wednesday, December 30, 2009


  Chaos in the chatbox and lack of sleep... blaaaaargh!!! oh boy that made me sound like old mister Scrouge. I had to admit today (or is it yesterday) was a roller coaster of events. It seemed that I was sky rocketing from one part of PJ to another and then some how making it to Shah Alam beating the armies of scrawling cars.

When the day ended I had sat on my bed and tried to close my eyes... and I couldn't sleep for the third night in a row. With a big sigh I had to say "Dude I think I'm a Vampire..."

Photo was sketched by Moe Nasrul

Moe Nasrul's Facebook profile


Miss Healerzz said...

LOL!! Do you 'sparkle' or turns to ash when the lights shine on you?

have a good rest oppa~ sorry for the chaos D:

Moe Nasrul said...

I think I sparkle lol :) i'm a sparkler type hehehhehehe :)

Umi said...

I love your sketch...very very nice.