Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the eye of the Tiger...Woods?

During the previous 8tv nite live Mike Campton and I had talked about Tiger Woods and his whole slam his car into a fire hydrant and his neighbours tree incident. It seems ever since then our dear Old Tiger has been getting into a whole lot of trouble.

The first was a hint of a possible affair with Rachel Uchitel, which she had come out and said it wasn't true and that the people that claimed to be here close friends and leaked out such a dirty little secret to the Enquirer were not close friends at all (or at least not anymore, i mean if my friends leaked out such a secret I'd instantly defriend them too!!!).

And according to, Woods was caught being an absolute "Tiger" with a sizzling brunette!!! hmmmm... I'm pretty sure this brunett is not his wife. see below :D

Yup I'm pretty sure the brunette is not his wife.

Now it seems that there was a voicemail recording left for his supposed mistress- Jaimee Grubbs!!!! check out the article on . It seems that Jaimee Grubbs has been showing off the affection she's been getting from the worlds highest paid sportsman by playing it to her co-workers at work. But dude for a guy who makes millions and has a hot bombshell wife his supposed mistress is damn scary looking! Ladies and Gentlemen lets turn our attention to Exhibit A:

This proves that Tiger can drive really well on the green but on the road and with the ladies..errrr.

Photos Courtesty os and TMZ.comMoe Nasrul's Facebook profile

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