Monday, November 23, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

In the beginning... I didn't want to get into the Twilight craze. I didn't wanna be among the so "gaga over how cool the movie was" type people or be among the guys wishing they were a vampire because all the girls are saying how amazingly good looking Edward (Robert Pattinson) was and blah blah blah so on an so forth.
Until I watched Twilight for myself. I admit it was more out of curiosity than anything else because i was like what is everyone jumping for joy about? I confess that when I had finally watched Twilight that I... became a fan (this is where I run to the corner and cry profusely wondering exactly where my manliness has gone)

And not so long ago... my favorite topic on Fly's Fm Buzz Central back in the days of Radio News Presenting was how girls all over world were going head over heels over Taylor Lautner and his new buff look in the trailer to the point that poor Rob. P. was blown out of the water ( thats cause he had his shirt off running through the woods isn't it girls!!!)

I confess...I am really excited about the New Moon Movie coming out and really can't wait to see it. Why? Definitely not for Taylor Lautner but because I have always been in love with the whole vampire mythos ever since I picked up reading Anne Rice Novels. That and the Werewolves vs Vampire element that I think is super-uber cool ever since I played Vampire:the Masquerade and seeing it come to life in the Underworld movies, will be present in the movie. I mean seriously it is hard to find a seriously good Werewolves vs Vampire movie.

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It's going to be more interesting in New Moon I feel because not only would the Werewolves and Vampires go head to head as a species but also it seems that a Vampire and a Werewolf is fighting for the love of one human woman. It's interesting to see this wicked love triangle in action and I admit it's a brilliant take on the age old rivalry.

In Short, I'll be watching the movie just look for the guy wearing a hoodie and sunglasses trying to cover his face with a big tub of buttered popcorn.

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eMilyism said...

Bee, let's watch New Moon together? I like this post..crying and wondering where your manliness has gone, and a brilliant take on an old age rivalry.

Arief Arf said...

i think that the whole twilight saga is a bit overrated.
nevertheless, the movie was quite enjoyable.
(i lost my manliness to, damn)


Moe Nasrul said...

Lol!!! I guess i wasn't the only one :D