Monday, November 16, 2009

My Facebook Fan Page is up :D

That's write ladies and gents I've joined the ranks of the people that have a fan page! Now honestly why did I start a fan page on Facebook?

First and foremost Facebook being the one of the best social network out there it makes perfect sense. Why a fan page now? well it all started when Mike Campton told me on 8TV Nite Live that he had started a fan page. Obviously i thought it was vein and then after the show he told me about how it's great for people to come together and discuss the stuff that they love.

I was like OK. I love starting discussions and I do it all the time on my profile although unofficially. I was like why not create a fan page so that i could talk officially about the things I love and of course with the people that loves the same things. That and it would be a great way for me to share with you my latest artworks and of course the progress of my first debut album.

So add me up and lets get this party started!

click here

Moe Nasrul's Facebook profile

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