Monday, November 2, 2009

A journey through my second brain...

It's funny how your phone ends up being almost like a second brain. A weird concept i know but if you think about it when you one day look through your phone and it's endless amount of pictures and notes you find that it brings back all kinds of memories. Just as a second brain would.

Here was what was in my second brain.

On the 15th til the 18th of October I had emceed Shojikiya's Japanese Food Fair at One Utama. the event included games and Japanese cultural performances suchas Wadaiko Drum performance, Soran Bushi folk dance and Rice Harvest Dance.

On the same day itself was the Indie Youth Festival 09, where they had a cyber games tournament specifically for the game of Counter Strike.

And much to my surprise a good friend of mine was hosting the Indie Gig for the Indie Youth Festival 09 none other than Rina Omar.

And I manage to catch performances by Dichi Michi...

and one of my favorite bands and close friends of mine, Bittersweet...

Loved how they came with neon colored sweaters and look very much like the beetles. very cool.

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