Friday, December 25, 2009

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3?

Once in a while I have mentioned that the camera to my Sony Ericsson K810i had been damaged due to a mid level fall from  my pocket to the ground meanwhile flipping and flopping in mid-air two or three times putting even Tony Hawk's skateboard to shame.

As a result the camera phone never worked the same ever again. I could make calls and SMS but i couldn't take pictures which drove me crazy!!! I mean how am i suppose to blog without pictures. It's almost nearly impossible. I could rely on my fabulous writing skills to drive a good story home... yeah right as if and the moon is made of cheese.

Before I unveil my solution to this little problem I would like to demonstrate how badly damaged or unique or eccentric my camera phone had become by making this video below to prove my point.

  What was the solution you might ask? get a new camera!!! So Emily and I decided to do some camera shopping to find that perfect camera that would fulfill all our needs, pack a whole lot of punch and yet is light enough to camwhore with!!!

So we came across the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 which seemed to fit the bill. It was one of those Semi-professional cameras which is sort of a hybrid between Digital cameras and SLRs. Something like the oxymoronic battery powered petrol car but for the world of cameras.

I have to admit I feel in love with the thing to the point that if it were a living and breathing female, I'd have to marry it. Sorry Emily, still love ya with all my heart tho sugar pie.

Photos courtesy of and Panasonic... cause I can't take pictures with my Sony Ericsson any duh :P
At the moment we are charging the battery for 8 hours before we bring it into the world of sweaty palms and squinty eyes. Man it's like having a baby or something like it.

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eMilyism said...

oh that was how your camera phone rosak la. Lempaq sana lempaq sini. ish ish ish.

Anyways let's consider this as one of your hantaran gifts to me. Senang settle one gift dee :D

Miss Healerzz said...

^omg! thats cute XD XD XD now we all know what is one of the hantaran moe is going to send

Moe Nasrul said...

hehehehehehehe :D