Friday, December 11, 2009

Snookie gets punched in the face and Bookfest 2009? huh?

  If your confused by the title of this post then let me explain. As of last week I've been tinkering around with the idea that applications like top tending topics on twitter really reflects whats on the minds of people all over the world or at least the internet surfing majority.

Today I decided to have a peep at Google Trends and research what are people searching for today? here is the top searches on Google Trends for the USA:
1. volksfront
  2. flipadelphia
  3. snookie gets punched
  4. gretchen rossi blog
  5. been verified
  6. ruben studdard
  7. browns beat steelers
  8. credit card connection
  9. cleveland browns
10. angelina jersey shore

It seems that the top three topics have to do with a Neo-nazi stabbing incident, Sookie from a reality show called Jersey Shore getting punched

Then it dawned on me, that this was what was on top of the minds of the people of USA but what about the Asian part of the world? I couldn't find Google trends for Malaysia (yet) so i did the next best thing and found the Google trends for Singapore. Now lets look into the minds of Singaporeans:

 Hot Searches   (Singapore)
  1. starhub singapore
  2. weak underdetermination
  3. hock lian seng
  4. suntec reit
  5. starhub imail
  6. starhub mobile
  7. cytochalasin
  8. bookfest 2009
  9. strong underdetermination
10. starhub broadband

It seems technology and a Bookfest is on the minds of Singaporeans. Does that mean Asians are generally smarter and have less violence in their lives? What do you think?

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