Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jamie Oliver's food revolution

  Another night of internet surfing after finishing 8tv Night Live had lead me to stumble across something very interesting.

I'm sure we all have heard of Jamie Oliver the chef who has a cooking show that helps us, the not so talented cook make something really decent to impress our friends, family or maybe even that hot girl your trying to get on good terms with. Then came the show where Jamie Oliver went on a little crusade to help kids in schools eat better because of the junk that the school menus are filled with.

For those of you guys that have never experienced school lunches outside of Malaysia, In the UK and USA the school food is standardized and basically unlike canteens here at your schools you don't really have much choice of what food to eat and most of the food are unhealthy burgers, Pizzas and other fast food junk. In Malaysia from what I've seen is that we have a much healthier choice of food believe it or not filled with more greens, veggies and fruits mostly in the form of fruits with asam powder or rojak which are lacking in western schools. At least we know that food wise we might be ahead of the curve.

Anyways back to point, obesity among children is a big issue in the USA and UK and I never realized this until one of mom's professor friend from the USA came to visit us a few years back and commented that children here in Malaysia look like "real" children. I of course asked "what do you mean? Are the kids in the USA some kind of freaky alien hybrid?" as you can see I've always had my wit and weird sense of humor since ever. He replied that out of every five kids four would be severely over weight. At that point of time it never really meant anything to me and I just laughed and was slightly (ok very) proud how our Asian kids look way better than American kids. Now it seems the problem is being addressed by Jamie Oliver and he has set out on a mission to Washington with a million signatures to support his cause.

check out this video from Ryan Seacrests Youtube channel:

P.s. Yes I grew up in the states and yes I was a fat kid too at one point of time. But I gotta thank my parents for forcing me to do sports and mostly cooking Malaysian food at home :D thanks Umi and Abi (that's what I call my parents)

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