Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rediscovering the Gen XYZ

Interesting how some of the most interesting information is discovered when a question pops in your mind and you just have to find out if not you'll probably die of...well... curiosity. well such a thing happened to me. I was Curious exactly what is Generation X. I know the term as a marketing demographic, as a youth athem, as a premise for classifying the upbringing that you were exposed to... After some searching i found the answer. Gen X or A.K.A the 13 th Generation are those born from 1965 to 1981 and were children of post world war 2 or Vietnam war and cold war parents. The are usually and are basically those that "sleep together before they are married, don't believe in God, dislike the Queen, and don't respect parents," according to Jane Deverson. Basically those that broke away from the conservative beliefs like stable jobs and stable concepts...i.e. marriage. a Times magazine article explains it all ". . .They possess only a hazy sense of their own identity but a monumental preoccupation with all the problems the preceding generation will leave for them to fix . . .This is the twenty-something generation, those 48 million young Americans ages 18 through 29 who fall between the famous baby boomers and the boomlet of children the baby boomers are producing. Since today's young adults were born during a period when the U.S. birthrate decreased to half the level of its postwar peak, in the wake of the great baby boom, they are sometimes called the baby busters. By whatever name, so far they are an unsung generation, hardly recognized as a social force or even noticed much at all...By and large, the 18-to-29 group scornfully rejects the habits and values of the baby boomers, viewing that group as self-centered, fickle and impractical. While the baby boomers had a placid childhood in the 1950s, which helped inspire them to start their revolution, today's twenty-something generation grew up in a time of drugs, divorce and economic strain. . .They feel influenced and changed by the social problems they see as their inheritance: racial strife, homelessness, AIDS, fractured families and federal deficits." Gen Y is basically us... well those born between 1982 and 1994. we grew up with e-mails, instant text messaging, hand phones and we have tighter social networks than previous generations.More open to romantic and sexual lifestyles than previous generations. the Gen Y tend to be more brand conscious due to being a direct target of direct corporate marketing then ever before and ambitious which means we are more prone to job hoping. Face higher costs and in USA total to 70 million consumers and earn a total annual income of $211 billion and spend $172 billion per year. Gen Z is an expansion of Gen Y. born from 1995 til today, they really are a ascary bunch. The are more tech savy with never knowing a world without internet and are usually well connected due mobile communication... i.e. mobile phones that can do call, e-mail, blog...basically everything. So much so they are termed digital natives. and with the world real estate marketing getting more and more expensive they will most likely stay with their family well into their late twenties. Which means they have a stronger buying power, with not having to worry about cost of living and being able to buy anything they wish and whenever they wish... Then you might ask what happens to Gen X at this point? the become what they would call Helicopter Parents. parents that hover over the child's every move planning and directing everything and in most cases not allowing the child to make his or her own decision. Of course this varies from parent to parent but you have to admit some parents go a little... okay 'a lot' over board.

Yeah i can see all you Gen Y and Z going yeah my parents are like that. well to understand your folks better you have to understand... The Gen X came from a time where things were uncertain and where traditions where broken. They were born into a world the previous had destroyed and a world they believed they had to fix... thus they became independent and self sufficient.

Thus certain attitudes that may seem like control are actually a result of all this.

I guess now we understand each other... my mind is now at peace...where is my phone i gotta sms people now :P

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eMilyism said...

Ah...that explains why i ALWAYS need to get Yu Wei's opinion on handphones. They are the digital native.

Cool la born not knowing the age without internet.