Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Week 2: Follower of the Week

Emily with her sister, Emilia. Photo taken from Moe Nasrul's personal collection.

Hey guys,

Wednesday is here again. It's time for brew of the hour, the pick of the day, the flavor of the week-- my girl, Emily.

~**Clap Clap**~

My girlfriend, Emily. She is a chinese-malay girl who i have known and loved since the very first time i laid my eyes on her. Not to sound corny, but it is true.

Emily is actually a very good friend of my cousin, Iz from OIAM 2. When Iz came to Penang and visited me, Iz brought Emily along. That was the first time we met. Even when she rejected me when i was 16 *she told me i was too young and she was unavailable*, it didn't stopped me from pursuing her. Fast forward to four years (I called her again when i was 20) later and the rest is history.

She is my muse and i see her in every songs that i write.

Why she is the follower of the week?

Apart from being the second registered follower in my blog, my girl plays a major influence in my life. Emily constantly helped me to grow to be a responsible person. She is the reason why i keep striving to be a better person.

She is very media savvy and a strategist thinker. If you guys noticed how dry and bland my blog were in the past, Emily is the person who breathe new life into my blog. She suggested that i should blog everyday, re-organized my photos by making photo collages, proof read my posts, proposed new features for my blog. She is currently getting the contents ready for my website (do i really need it?) and talking to different people about my logo.

She also helped me in terms of the style department. Being the rocker dude, i don't really put much thoughts into what i wear. But she reiterates over time that i have to look good, given the level of vanity the industry that i am working in.

I've had a major crush on her when i was a 16-year-old high school kid and she was my cousin's best friend, who is four years older and studying in the local university. I've written a lot of songs for her and about her. During her 24th birthday, i threw her a party. During her 25th birthday, i made a book of poems i wrote for her called "Poems for Emily". Last year, I surprised her by taking an entire week off from work to be with her in Penang on her birthday.

When i was 21, she bought me my first electric guitar. "Waiting for You", a song that i wrote about her, was played on X-Fresh before.

I love you bee. Thank you for always being supportive and become my pillar of strength.