Saturday, April 25, 2009

Krabi: One Week To Go

Photo courtesy of Krabi Hotel Tour.

I'm leaving for Krabi soon. I haven't traveled for a long time. When i was with the Troopers, i traveled from coast to coast, the peninsular at least. I have the fondest memories traveling with the FLY FM Troopers. We'd start our road tour from Sri Pentas to Penang, then Penang to Ipoh, Ipoh to KL to refill our FLY FM goodies, then down to Malacca, Seremban, and then ended the road tour in JB. This would take two weeks.

Each states that we stopped by, we'd be partying at the hottest night clubs and given pretty special treatment because we're FLY FM Troopers. And we'd be housed in the 4-star hotels. I've tasted the experience of staying on the road for concert tours. It's a nice feeling, really.

So i'm looking forward to Krabi, Thailand. Then Hong Kong in September. So the 'NEW THIS WEEK' on my blog is TRAVEL LOG :)

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