Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NTV 7's 11th Anniversary Office Party!!

Yesterday was another day at the studio and I was actually planning on leaving to head back and getting some snooze. Then I bumped into Mervin the on-ground street guy for NTV 7 and he said that there was party going on one floor up at the NTV 7 Office. I thought to myself why not, it'll be fun.

I was greeted by the site of many multi-colored balloons and everyone from the TV station was there. From Producers, to Sales Execs, to TV hosts and those from other stations under Media Prima. I met up with with Mervin outside on the balcony area of the office and grabbed some grub and teased him about his Kanye West type glasses... how do you see in those things?

I was thrilled to also bump into Naz and Sheanee there. Then a familiar voice came from behind "saying hello Moe, do you have facebook?"
It was Daphne Iking! it was cool because we had just interviewed her earlier that yesterday. It explained why she was dressed in yellow, because the parties official colors were yellow and white(?). e quickly added each other through the beauty of mobile internet connection (what did we ever do before it?!!)

I even met Aush the other News and Traffic Guy there and I stayed for a good hour or so just chatting away and then leaving for the nice warm bed waiting for me at home.

Funny how the bed could call from so far away when your feeling tired... in fact it's calling me now!

Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

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