Thursday, June 11, 2009

MR. Fabulous Fabes?

Photo courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

It seemed like a normal morning at the studio. I came in, turned on my computer and sat down. Then suddenly, I heard from the on-air studio a loud shrieking sound in the form of "OMG girl!!" This definitely got my curiosity peaking. I was about to slightly push the door open and take a peak at what’s going on but suddenly an amazingly flamboyant Phat Fabes or later i was to find out it's now Fabulous Fabes, comes out of the studio and says "Ben, Nadia your totally out fashion!"
What’s going on you might ask? The story goes that last night (or was it the night before) Phat Fabes was exposed to the world of fashion via the E! Channel. After an hour of top notch celeb fashion mixed with all the glitz of Hollywood, the very Manly-Rugged-man became the very Fantabulous-Man-o-Fashion-extraordinaire!!

That’s right Phat Fabes was dishing out fashion advice to the fashionably stunted, sporting an all black attire (to probably hide is large gut-belly-area, plus black and white is so like totally in!!), holding his hands up all funny, and speaking with a distinct fashion-eesk lisp. To top it all off he totally had a dumb blonde moment!!

What happened was the newly turned MR.FF had to use the gentlemen's quarters (fancy wording for bathroom) and he apparently couldn't find his tag. So he borrowed one of ours to tag out and upon reaching the gentle-room he looked in the mirror and was wondering why there is a red-lanyard-string type thing around his neck. Then he realized that his tag was hanging down his back it had some how got that way when he was being all expressive. So the whole time the tag was around his neck and he didn’t even know it!!

A pretty interesting morning, that and he wore these amazingly green shoes!!! Crazy man!


SyaFiQa raHim said...

phat fabes is just so funny. hehe.
seriously, i can't stop laughing when he commenting about fashion.
sounds so mr.fabulous. hahahaha.
very 'gedik' kind of way.. :P

Moe Nasrul said...

I know :D I was laughing too :)