Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shout! for an Exciting New Award in Town

Hey guys,

I was in Penang over the weekend, and was catching up with friends and well, my girl. *Which by the way, i discovered a food treasure trove over my short weekend up north and am SO EXCITED to share it with you guys* I was telling them about this new Shout Award and how FLY FM's shows-- The Pagi Show, Night Flight, and Must Have Music-- are nominated for numerous categories. They told me that they read about it in my blog but felt as though they were left hanging because i didn't elaborate about the award.

About Shout! Awards
In a nutshell, the Shout! Awards is created to celebrate the journey of young Malaysian talents with the support of Malaysia’s voice. It is a 2.5 hour TV special dedicated to give recognition to those who have made great impact and creative breakthroughs in Malaysian music, film, TV, and radio. A first-of-its-kind awards show for these four industries, it aims to reward the most-deserving artists, actors, radio and TV faces, giving voice to all Malaysians to define the new cool.

Spanning 16 categories altogether with a total of 5 nominations in each, all nominations submitted will be determined by a panel of judges consisting of tastemakers and veterans representing the broadcast, music and film industry. Following which, the rest will go into the public’s hands, where they will be called to vote for their favorite personalities online on our website.


That sorted, here’s a breakdown of the award categories:

Rockstar Award (Rock Awards)
Popstar Award (Pop Awards)
Power Vocal Award (Powerful Vocals Awards)
Flava Award (Hip Hop / R&B Awards)
Break Out Award (Best New Act)

Best On Screen Chemistry (1 pair)
Fresh TV Series Award (New TV Series including Dramas and / or Sitcoms)
Breakthrough Film Award
Favorite TV Program (Non Drama)
Favorite TV Host

Coolest Radio Announcer
Favorite Radio Show

Stylo Award (Most Stylish Awards)
Hot Chick Award
Hot Guy Award

Nominees from FLY FM
That's right, FLY FM's Pagi Show, FLY FM's Night Flight, FLY FM's Must Have (with Hunny Madu) are all nominated for Best Radio Show category. Individually, both Phat Fabes and Hunny Madu are nominated for the Coolest Radio Announcer category.

I think the Shout! Awards is very long overdue. We have awards honoring actresses, actors, TV, Film, Music, and artists, but it never crossed my mind that there were not any awards honoring the best of radio station and program.

Kudos to the creative team behind Shout! Awards :)

How You can Vote?
You can cast your votes for your favourite nominees via OR via SMS. Votings will be open on the 8th of June.

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SyaFiQa raHim said...

moE, did u know who is nominated for the Hot Guy Award?

i dunNo about it, n i dun even know that this award is really exist. smokin' hot. :D

haha.. XD

*wink wink*

Moe Nasrul said...

If i'm not mistaken it was Nas from the breakfast show and Faizal Tahir as the nominees. A few others but i'll get back to you on that one :D

eMilyism said...

Azizan Nin and Jonathan Putra. Tough fight~!

SyaFiQa raHim said...

is it?
the guys are really hot don't they? ;)
tough fight.
will vote for someone, that's for sure.


Moe Nasrul said...

well it's always more fun when their is good competition amongst the nominees :D then we can really say the person really did win :)