Friday, June 19, 2009

Super GT in the house !!!

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The Fly Fm Pagi Show always has the most interesting guests on the show! Today Andre Lotter and Juichi Wakisaka (pics above) gave their view on female drivers and of course talk about the Super GT. Erm...your probably wondering what they said about Female drivers...

Well... they didn't say they were entirely bad, just that sometimes driving slow on the fast lane does make a driver...well bad (I'm hesitating to not get angry comments from female drivers because I love women-kind hehehehe).

Anyways the Pagi show had put the two on the hot seat on no they didn't eat Wasabai sandwiches but they did do something a lot worse! They had to speak in Malay on national radio!!! That's right we had a list of Malay phrases and it was hilarious especially Juichi with his really really thick Japanese accent!

They were also accompanied by the lovely people from Petronas and guess what, we all got goodie bags!!! (Check it out below)

Although I knew that Phat Fabes and Ben were really disappointed that these girls didn't come and visit (below).

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Oh well maybe next time.

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