Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fly Fm's Campur Chart Goes Live!

Lets have a glimpse at the past shall we? Last week was the Fly Fm's Campur Chart Goes Live on the 4th of June Thursday at Laundry The Curve. While I was there I had a notepad with me and a pen. Here is what I scribbled:

I made my way through the crowd and finally got to the front of the stage. It was a really awesome turn up at Laundry. What were they all here for? The Campur Chart Goes Live! Heard the line-up was awesome tonight because first up they had Joanne& Co. it's always a good idea to have a female front-person/vocalist. Not because guys like to check the chick out, although that is one of the perks, it's just that it's a novelty that you don't get so often especially in Malaysia or in the world for that matter.

I made my way to the VIP area and was greeted by my fellow co-workers and band members . Estrange was there and it was good to see the guys again only having seen them the day before at the Shout! Awards press conference. I still can't get used to Din without his dreadlocks. I mean not to say he looks bad, just that he's had it for years and suddenly it's gone. Like when Kiss played without make-up or when Metallica trimmed their hair!

Rashdan Harith was called to perform by the emcee and my co-worker Hunny Madu. Rashdan had this very cool laid back look and wore shorts and slippers. I thought that was cool cause when i grew up in Hawaii alot of the Hawaiian singers would dress like that, it was very beach-boy-eesk. Something was missing however, he needed a hat to complete the look.

After telling Rashdan that little advice i lent him my hat . It's my little contribution to the music scene. One small step at a time. Plus the session guitarist Collin used to work for Fly Fm as a Sound Production Engineer, so we all new each other at some level or another.

Once Rashdan's set was finished it was time for the award winning band Estranged! These guys never failed to please. This is one band that has stage charisma that you can feel from a mile away. I almost had a laugh when a girl from the VIP side tried so hard to get a good shot of Andy while playing drums. She was completely into him at that point.

When the band finished their set the crowd still craved for more and called for an encore. There was a moment of awkwardness as the band didn't expect an encore. That and the session Bassist was from the band Butterfingers and was not a permanent. So there was close to five minutes of Rich trying to entertain the crowd with a really bad rendition of "when you say nothing at all" and crowd playing while Din taught the chords to the encore song to the bassist.

Then Suddenly, the whole band broke into 'Velocity'! A very old Estranged song but it was a crowd favorite. What a way to end the night. I went home happy. I asked Andy after the gig how he flet about the encore. He just laughed and said "Man we haven't played that song in ages!"

Talk about a rocking blast from the past!

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eMilyism said...

I like this post. Rasa macam i was there at that night and listen in to your conversation with Estranged and other bands.

So how do indie bands get to play at Campur Chart?

Moe Nasrul said...

Thanks :D trying different styles of writing to keep things fresh :)