Friday, June 26, 2009

Four Announcements on Moe Nasrul Blogspot

Hi peeps,

I constantly give my blog a makeover to increase reading pleasure, to give more information about myself and the radio industry, and for potential clients (for emcee and voice talent jobs) to have a channel for communication with myself.

So four things that i have included in my blog: Gallery, RSS & Technorati, and a My Featured Video.

Gallery section

My Gallery of photos.

I'm very excited to announce that after two months of toying around with the idea and finding ways to implement it, my "Gallery" section in my blog is up and running. You guys should give it a look-see. A big thank you to Shidi, who is also my photographer, for setting up the Gallery section for me.

Click the "Gallery" section on the top right of the blog.


You can now subscribe to this blog and add it as your Technorati Favourites.

Although this feature has been up for two weeks, I've never made a proper announcement about this. I'm also very pleased to announce that you can now subscribe to Moe Nasrul blogspot. This is an effort to increase readership and for my friends, family, and readers (who are non-bloggers, and rarely visit my blog) to get updates about my blog without even visiting my blog.

There are two ways that you can subscribe: Email or RSS. I give you two choices to love me :)

My Featured Video

My absolutely current featured video.

Apart from clicking on the "Voice Overs" tab, you can catch my latest voice overs (be it radio or TV) on the Video Bar. It is absolutely current, and therefore, whenever you catch it on the radio or TV, you'd know it is your boy Moe Nasrul voicing the ad :)

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