Friday, August 15, 2008

I did IT !!!

One of the things i dreaded the most when i started was doing a double shift... thats when i would have to work both the morning (Pagi Show) and the evening traffic on top of all the scripts and Promo adverts that i have to record... usually this only happens when Alisha gets sick, losses her voice or breaks something... well she actually tore three ligaments when she feel in the studio (thats why people say don't run in studio...sigh...)

So i had for week done a double shift... and it is finally over with the last traffic report coming out in less than ten minutes ( yes i'm writing this in between the traffic about up to date :P )

then i'm off to a four day vacation ( cause i've been working for two weeks none stop...literally non-stop) in Penang with my nearest and dearest Emily !!!

well gotta go :D

Moe Nasrul

p.s. traffic really jammed on the LDP and in Penang from Bayan Lepas to the Bridge and After the toll to the mid span...just a lil traffic update for fun.. heheheheehe...

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