Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Home Studio.

Last week, I had put togther a small home studio for me to Podcast and record ideas for songs that I have stuck in my ( way better than renting a professional studio and paying per hour in the long run). Eventually this little home studio will grow bit by bit and become a full fledge studio for me to toy around with and create audio master pieces! 

But in getting the equipment I had almost little no experties in where should i go for the best price or what would i need. Thanks to Simon Lee from Fly Fm's engineering department he was kind enough to help me out in that department and he actually stopped me from wasting 1500++ on this (picture below)
Photo Courtesy of Behringer

Not to say the thing is bad, it's actually really good and is perfect for podcast but paying RM1500++ is way to over priced for the whole Podcasting Kit and i could get it way cheaper if i bought each individual item on its own. Not sure why tho...

So anyways I got Simon Lee by my side to buy what would be my Home Studio phase 1 but we had to get through one tough obstacle: the jam...

You see the place is near is called KC electronic or (was it KE electronics) on Jalan Pasar, where you could get really good deals on everything you need from mixers to effects pedals, to processors to full stage speakers and woofers. 

I was one happy camper. I quickly texted Emily and said " pinch me now I'm in heaven."

And finally I got all that i need... for now. heheehhehe :D

Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection


SyaFiQa raHim said...

ohh my gosh!! Moe!!!
i like u ohh so mucccchhh!!!
glad to found u at twitter..
frOm there, i found ur blog..
i so so so adore u. ur voice is soo superb!
i love ur voice in the news, so suitable with u.. u r wayy cooler man..
i am sooo happy to found ur blog..
so that i can read ur updates..
n ur girlfren is so pretty.. =)

may i link ur blog at mine? i hope it's ok..
n damn sure, i gonna be one of ur follower..

keep it up! love u.. heee.. :)

Moe Nasrul said...

Hi Syafiqa,
wow you found me in twitter? Thanks so much babe. Yeah come and follow my blog too. I blog more often than i tweet :)

You just bagi i semangat to blog more and tweet more :)

SyaFiQa raHim said...

hi moe =D

yes i found u on twitter, since u did mention it several times in fly fm..
already followed ur blog. =)

have a nice day moe!

LoNeRaNgerSpEaK said...

Welcome Here, Syafiqa..=)