Friday, May 22, 2009

Couple runs away with $10 million Bank Error?!

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Have you ever imagined opening your bank account and finding that there was a bank error in your favor? I guess something like that only exists in the game of Monopoly right? wrong!!

A couple from New Zealand it seems had ran away to China when $10 million had been mistakenly deposited into their bank account. The bank had manage to recover $4 million but the couple fled with the rest of the money.

Interpol is currently looking for the couple and Westpac bank (the unlucky bankers) is accusing the couple of committing fraud or theft. The mistake was the banks fault but do you think it's considered a crime to run away with money that already in your bank account?

Hmmm... does the term "Finders, Keepers" apply to this situation?

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jooleeyah said...

heck, if the bank mistakenly deposited $10m in my account, i'd run away to budapest and hire 100 budapestians to be my personal bodyguards. i'd also live like a king, of course.

emilyism said...

I think i'll give back the money la. Not mine. Maybe i'd want them to gimme 1 Million for my honesty :D

Moe Nasrul said...

I would probably... leave it a mystery as to what i would do. But those who know me would know me too well and would already know. Muhahahaaha!