Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Memory Lane is the Fast Lane

It's funny how time passes by and it seems like yesterday when I was just the vocalist of the Band Six String Samurais and not a Fly Fm radio personality. This is my little trip back in time with pictures worth a thousand words.

I remember feeling really scared before this gig ( Yes at one point i didn't have the blazing crazy self-confidence i have today) because it was the first acoustic gig i had ever done with the band. Ever leapt into something head first and wondered "what the F*** am i doing?!!"... yup that was how i felt. I was young and Gung-ho.

Straight after our performance at Central market we took a picture with this kid who thought our band was really cool. I still remember how happy it felt that someone really looked up to us.

I wish to revive that old feeling again of rocking on stage and feeling that static on your lips from the Mic. Plus screaming my lungs out til i loose my voice... ah sweet memories.

Can't you tell at one point i was so devilish and evil!!! Rock on!

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