Monday, May 25, 2009

Fly Fm's Hafiz's Dirty Little Secret!!!

Photos Courtesy of Moe Nasrul's Personal Collection

That is right all of us at the studio found out Hafiz's Dirty Little Secret! He loves watching Gossip Girl. OK Honestly there really is nothing wrong with it but the manner in which we all found out about it made us all burst out laughing and teasing Hafiz like nobodies business.

Azreen One of the girls from sales popped by the studio and she asked us to pass something to Hafiz. Prem asked "So your lending him Gossip Girls huh?"

"Actually..." Azreen Replied " It's Hafiz's DVD and I'm returning it back to him."

All of us present in the Fly Fm Studio at the time all said "WHAT!" and we all burst into a fury of laughter and "Oh my god I can't believe it."

It was so funny Prem announced it on air as one of the things you should never say to a girl on a first date. It goes "Hey baby I love Gossip Girls XOXO"

That was a good laugh.

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