Wednesday, May 20, 2009

There are no Islamic Public Holiday in the USA?

Through Facebook an old family friend from when i was growing up in Hawaii had contacted me. He told that in the US there is poll going on in the local Hawaiian newspaper where they were asking if 24th September should be Islam Day. A day to recognize Muslim contributions to the world during their golden age and to acknowledge the religion that so many believe in.

I went on to the site to send in my vote and i was surprised when i saw this...

Photo courtesy of Star Bulletin

Just to let you know that in the USA there is a public holiday for Chinese New Year, various Christian and Jewish Holidays but none for Islam. I believe that all religions deserve a day to celebrated.

We Muslims here in Malaysia take for granted those little things because we are predominantly Muslim. When I was growing up there we never had any Public Holiday even for Adil-Fitri (Hari Raya) and the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday. Lets help our Muslim brothers and sisters living in the USA, and log on to vote.

It may not be much but at least we helped in some small way.

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