Monday, May 4, 2009

David Cook Lost Elder Brother to Brain Tumor

*Press play to watch David Cook address the Race of Hope crowd after the race.*

American Idol winner David Cook's borther, Adam Cook, lost his fight battling cancer at the age of 36. Ironically, Adam succumbed to brain tumor a day before David ran for the Race of Hope, to advance the fight against brain cancer.

If you watch the video above, it is obvious that David did not make his loss known during the race, and only speak of it during his speech where he broke down and quickly recompose himself. According to a volunteer at the Race of Hope, David chatted, smiled for pictures with fans, runners and volunteers, and was an absolutely beautiful human being with all involved.

Unbeknown to many, he ran The Race For Hope carrying the heaviest of hearts, yet still showing unwavering strength, faith, hope and unmistakable love for his brother Adam. This was by far, the greatest tribute of love and devotion a brother could ever give to the other.

In this time of great sorrow, draw on each other, family and good friends for support and strength. David is an inspiration and has taught us much about good character, unselfish giving, friendships and family. We morn your loss. Let's leave a light on for David Cook.

Click here to donate to Race for Hope-- to advance fight against brain cancer.

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Credits: Perez Hilton, Race for Hope, David Cook Official website.

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