Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Suggestion Post/Box for 8tv Nite Live. Week Commencing 25 October

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone that has been leaving suggestions as well as sharing your opinions about 8tv Nite Live.

I would like to apologize to everyone that had requested videos at 8tvnitelive@8tv.com.my but have not had their videos played and I would like to take the time to explain that videos are usually played based on the number of requests. The more requests, the higher the chances the videos are played.

However I realize that this maybe frustrating to some. Changes are going to be made to the show based on overwhelming support that we have gotten from you. we are soon to make the show more interactive where you actually get to control the content of the show, which we've experimenting with through the polls we've been running on the show.

And yes yesterday Paul Moss (8tv Nite Live is his brainchild) Mike Campton, Pin Joo (our producer), Adelina Ooi (the person who signs all our checks and makes the show happen), and I have discussed ways to make the show better (like the possibility of bigger screens and a different layout). However these changes may take sometime.

As the changes will happen but are not present right now I've decided to use the most wonderful of technologies, my blog to take in your suggestions so I could start campaigning for what you want on the show :D

So here is what you can do. Drop your suggestions in the comments area of this post (which would be best cause I can cut and paste it to send in an e-mail to everyone that have the authority to make a change on the show). I will post a suggestion box from now on at the beginning of every week for every coming show of that week.

Everything from music videos, to the content of the show.

Most likely what I would do for the music videos is put it on the poll so that everyone has a chance to have a say before we air the video (to be fair to everyone).

I hope this would be a new beginning to allow everyone to have a say on what goes on in the show, not just the people at the studios. Having you play a part in shaping the show is something i truly believe in and know that I am more than happy to campaign for what you want.

Till the next the post, cheers :D

Sincerely from your wacky 8TV Nite Live host,
Moe Nasrul

P.s. sorry if the post is a bit wordy just wanted to explain everything. That and tune to this coming Halloween episode Mike and I are going to do something never before done on Malaysian TV... So tune in to find out what it is :D

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eMilyism said...

Hey Moe,

A couple of suggestions:

1. Ask around what are the area of interest of the target audience. What they would like to see? I reckon it is gaming, english MV, K-pop and j-pop MV, phones etc. After getting the results from the survey, you guys can make different segments for different days. For example, MJ seems to be dominating the english MV. Can we have MJ for the monday segment only? Stuffs like dat.