Monday, October 12, 2009

Yes I'm a YouTube addict :P

That is right for those on facebook and twitter and to fill those whom are not following me (feel free to do so at anytime on twitter and facebook :)... )

I have been awake since the last night after recording 8tv Nite Live watching Youtube videos non-stop. Now i really meant when i said on the show that I practically love YouTube and watch it more than i do TV.

Most of the stuff are comedy based cause i always enjoy a good laugh when I'm trying to relax. Here are a few videos you should check out...

If you love pranks...CollegeHumor's Prank Wars...

Stupid Sales Guy Vs IT guy...really funny.

Thanks to Mike I'm hooked to this show InDiggNation

and i found that bearded dude from The Hangover Zach Galifianakis has his own show... funny but not for the light hearted.

It kind of makes me wanna start my own little Internet Show hmmm... now there is an idea...

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