Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Heart Break

We've all felt it before that sharp stab to the heart that we come to know as a heartbreak, but could we remember our very first? was it caused by our first crush? first love? first real relationship? whatever it maybe we know that it can make the toughest of men cry or at least whimper into a cold dark corner and not bath for days or months (such a pathetic sight if you ever seen it happen).

I had come across this video on YouTube thanks to Emily and Emilia who called me right after dinner to tell me about this video.

The video shows a young Japanese boy no older than maybe four or five years old trying to give a bouquet of flowers to a girl whom had just finished performing a piano piece. The girl ignores him causing the boy to be stunned for a few seconds and then suddenly break down and cry (as we tend to still do when we're adults). sigh... such pains of the heart.

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