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Penang to Hong Kong...with Love

Hi guys,

This is Emily, filling in for Moe. He promised to write about our Hong Kong trip. I kept pestering him but alas, i decided to write about it myself. I can write it on my blog, but Moe gets more visitors than me :D

Our boarding pass to FREEEDOOOMMMMMMM!!!!

You know the feeling of carrying a baby for nine months, and you are beyond excited to hold your baby for the first time, to see how your baby looks like for the first time?

The feeling of first of the first? That's how i felt when we arrived in Hong Kong.

It's mine and Moe's first time taking a vacation outside of Malaysia. For the three years that we are together, we mostly traveled within the country--Malacca, Ipoh, Penang, KL, JB, Port Dickson, but never outside. So you can imagine how excited we both were.

Yes.....that is Moe's 'excited'

Cathay Pacific left the island of Penang at 8:00am, and after a three-and-a-half hour flight, we looked out and saw mountains and sea greeting us on the HKIA runway.

This is how the runway looks like...surrounded by south china sea and highlands.

We're here!!~

Welcome to the land of Edison Chen....

I hope the guys looks at least the slightest bit like Edison Chen

A little backgrounder about Hong Kong island. For first-time tourists like me and Moe, it's easier to break down Hong Kong into three tourists territories-- the posh-skyscraping-Hong Kong Island, the middle class and more affordable Kowloon, and the idyllic Lantau island, where the HKIA and Hong Kong Disneyland are at.

My aunt (yes...we went to HK with my aunt) and the cab driver who speaks in the cutest of Hong Kongese accent.

From Lantau island, we took a cab to the Kowloon peninsular, crossing two bridges and sights of Hong Kong's natural landscapes of highlands and sea, all the while listening to old canto-pop songs on the local radio station.

Weird to see no Protons and Peroduas but Beamers, Mercs, Jaguars, Toyotas, and Hondas.

By the time we reached Kowloon, the scenery took a different turn. From serene and idylic Lantau island, we're pushed into the hustle and bustle of Petaling-looking streets, with buses and cabs everywhere you see.

Really reminds me of the many scenes of Hong Kong movies.

Our cab driver warned us in his fairly-ok English, "When in Hong Kong, careful with your mon-ee"

I gotta admit that Kowloon looks slightly unsettling. But I won't let my first impression spoil my optimism.

At least our hotel looks very cozy.....

Metropark Kowloon Hotel, smack dapped in the middle of Yau Ma Tei, walking distance to Ladies Market, Mong Kok.

And if anything, i have my knight-in-shining-armor :)

To be continued.

  • Hong Kong Info: We always see red-colored taxis in Hong Kong movies and drama series, but do you know that taxis in Hong Kong are colour-coded according to their operating areas. Separate rows are designated for different types of taxi:
    -Urban taxis (Red) serve all destinations throughout Hong Kong including the airport except Tung Chung Road and roads in south Lantau.
    -New Territories taxis (Green) serve only the New Territories and specific roads in Lantau.
    -Lantau taxis (Blue) serve all destinations in Lantau and the airport.

    Scene from HKIA's Taxi Station. Yes, they have THAT MANY taxis...

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