Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Love for Short Films...

Ya know i just realised something... at one point of time i was never really into short films. I don't really know why, maybe it's because i'm used to the idea that Films are supposed to be a full two hours or plus plus and i guess the same goes for short stories...

But it just dawned on me after awhile whether it be short stories of the internet or in book form and short short films through youtube or other streaming video page... I love shorts and had always loved them without knowing it. I mean it's like a good joke with a good quick punch line, it's not a full stand up but still you'll be on the floor laughing.

I mean imagine, a story that gets you captivated but distilled into ten minutes of your time. TO appreciate a short story or film is totally different from enjoying a Novel or a Full-length movie. I once thought it was in the same category (that was the problem) but it's not.

It's a different feeling, different experience all together.

p.s. here is a short film i just saw five minutes ago... pretty funny.

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