Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finding a cause...

Last night I was asked by a individual by the named of jimmy to attend a parent teacher meeting for a school night that there having for SMK USJ 8. I was originally supposed to be just there to give my in put and maybe contribute just a few minutes of my time.

Although something about being there touched me. All the parents that were there probably have full time jobs filled with mountains of stress and the challenge of raising their kids right. Yet they could take the time to do something that would benefit there children's school and i found that to be such a selfless act.

I realized that we live in a very individualistic world where we are mostly pre-occupied with ourselves... and course i like any human being am no different.

But something changed... last night something awakened within me, something that i haven't felt for a very long time. I felt the need to help others, to give back to the community selflessly. I have no connection to any of these people and my connection to jimmy was only through a friend of a friend's relative basis and i had only met him twice which includes last night.

The question was how could i help them? well i volunteered my services free of charge and i had agreed to help them promote and get publicity for the event as much as i can. As well as sharing my contacts within the media.

I just feel that despite the terrible state the world is in and the bad news we always read in the papers. Good can still be done... we just have to be brave enough to do it selflessly... and last night i realized i wanted to make my community and maybe one day the world a better place... one step at a time.

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