Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An hour in the kitchen...

Yup thats right i spent a good hour in kitchen making...ayam masak merah for the fly fm and hot fm potluck.

Okay doesn't look like much all packaged... I knew i should have taken a picture while cooking...more street cred lol. But yeah used all the usual ingredients although i used butter instead of veg oil. So that should give it an extra kick... :)

So guys at the studio i made this with all my 'Kasih sayang'... even made sure the chicken was tender and not all tough... Which i hate with an iron fist! How? By boiling the chicken before hand silly you... That way all the chicken flavour comes out, or at least i think, but at least the important bit the chicken is soft and easy to eat...okay now i'm hungry :(

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