Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two bloggers, One relationship.

What happens when you have to bloggers sit down and talk about blogging? Well first off, they both start off with a thorough analysis of each others writing styles, then they both defend their own respective writing styles, which then proceeds to become a nuclear explosion which sends the world into darkness and chaos... or just absolute silence.

Fine maybe that was over dramatic but that's what it felt like earlier tonight when Emily, the love of my life and I started re-reading each others blog and commenting. We didn't plan to go on such a warpath but like all things in this life, it just happened.

We were originally discussing our wedding plans and we were looking through some of Emily's blog posts on A Journal For Two for some ideas to resurrect because believe me we've had tons of ideas that we've shelved or rejected which was well documented in Emily's blog. I have to say I enjoyed reading her blog and it was a nice walk down memory lane.

The trouble came about when I said " I'm going to have a look at my blog and just see how my own writing style looks like."

To which she replied "Yours is so candid and all over the place."

huh? candid? All over the place? Ok I know it sounds like an insult in black and white but her tone was more of a professor analyzing a thesis or something of the like.

So I proceeded to defend my writing style and I said " well yours seem kind of rigid then."
I didn't really mean that and like most arguments the one that is caught off guard is always the one left to scramble and see what blanks they can turn into bullets.

"It's not rigid, it's well thought out! I actually think about what message I'm trying to get across." I have to admit she looks so cute when she's angry. kind of like a pink angry teddy bear. See all over the place!

" Yeah I tend to write from the heart" very cliche I know but like I said I was trying to turn blanks into bullets. I'm crap at arguments with a girl, I'll tell you that. "what's in my head goes straight through my lovely fingers and tap, tap, tap... oh look a post! And it's real thoughts."

"And my stories aren't real? It's about us most of the time, just tell it cleanly and present well."

So as you can tell we went back and forth for a good ten minutes. We weren't really angry at each other or neither were we yelling. Just two artistic individuals defending their craft. So we actually ended with a pretty good conclusion.

Our verdict was that she writes like a novelist. The focus is on the story and how it flows. As well the facts are easily identifiable. In short, She should write a book and make millions one day.

I, on the other hand write my blog like how a TV host/Emcee type of person would write a blog. I tend to want to interact with people rather than convey a story. Not that I don't want to convey a story but I want to interact with people more than I do with the story. My posts become a sort of conversation and thank god for the invention of the comment box, it's not a one sided conversation.

Then we proceeded to agree that our styles are completely different and so is our approach. I guess opposites to kind of attract, hence why love is so explosive.
Oh yeah and she mentioned that I was long winded........................ Am I?

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eMilyism said...

That is why i am a writer by profession and you are a host/spokesperson by profession :)

People with gift of gab are mostly long winded. It is not neccessarily a bad thing. I for one need to perhaps elaborate more when i talk. I ain't no storyteller.