Monday, November 15, 2010

Donation Update for My Pledge

Hi all,

I'm so sorry I've been away from blogging for so long. I know, I know, the word "Busy" is just too over-rated.

As you can recall, the official date for me to bring Izzul to ride the Cable Car at Genting Highlands were October 23rd, two days after the closing period for the donation (October 21). Unfortunately,  the Genting Highlands cable cars were closed to public due to maintainence from seven weeks and would only be available for rides from November 21st onwards.

A little hiccup there. Therefore, the pledge were postponed to December 11th 2010.

So as promised, here is the list of donors and the amount donated. A huge thank you to my friends and family who sharing my pledge and to make it come true :)


1. The charitable Ismail sisters--Alina, Emily and Emilia Ismail: RM 150
2. Ong Bee Kim: RM 50
3. Martin Chew: RM 50
4. Gooi Yi Ling: RM 50
5. Alex Ooi Beng Keat: RM 20
6. Urbane Ethos: RM 100
7. Arif Alias: RM 50

The grand total for this pledge is RM 470, that was collected within 14 days.  The collection will go to Izzul's Genting Trip. After the trip, I will blog about my day of fulfilling the pledge and how the money was spent. The rest of the donation will then be channeled to Rumah Aman through TLC.

Again, thank you Alina, the twins Emily and Emilia, Mrs. Ong, Martin, Yi Ling, Alex, Arif and Urbane Ethos for sharing this pledge to fulfill Izzul's wish to ride the cable car.

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