Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A thank you to Angela and band website options :)

  I would like to start of this blog by saying thanks Angela for her comment on my previous post about how to solve my little Myspace background problem :)

Gotta love the internet and the people on it :)

I have yet to implement what she suggested doing which was to design a logo or design then tile it. This would solve the problem of the pixelated background effect the new Myspace profile is doing to my nicely designed background.

If your wondering what it's supposed to look like you can log on to my band's twitter page at

or you can view it here hehehehe :D

Further more I'm currently looking for away to build my band website. At the moment I'm considering two options which was to purchase the domain name, hosting and use wordpress to build my website.

My second option is to go on and create my band website. I've been thinking about this for over a week now and the reason being that is an all in one website creater for bands. It has a merchandising store where people can buy your music and merchadises via credit card or paypal, a free domain name and hosting, it allows you to make custom e-mail addresses, and it gives a billion and one things to manage your fanbase. The catch is that you gotta pay a monthly subscription of $9 to $19, which is roughly RM50 to RM60 a month.

Alot to consider. Maybe I'll try bandzoogle's 30 day trial and let you guys know :D

P.s. Thanks again Angela :) I'll post up my progress :)

and feel free to like my band page on facebook :D

Moe Nasrul's Facebook profile

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