Monday, August 30, 2010

The Velvet Aces Online

One of the things I never foresee myself doing was starring at a whole stack of code until five in the morning. That was exactly what I did during the weekend Saturday and Sunday.

why? Well I recently have been trying to increase the internet presence of my project The Velvet Aces and had registered for every social network I could think of and designed the new logo, background and any other graphic design work needed.

The strange thing was everyone who saw some of the things I'd done graphic design wise all said the same thing. "You can Draw?". That really caught me of guard because I've been drawing artistically since was 8 years old. Another thing that surprised me was at how apt I was in figuring out Photoshop and turning my real world artwork into a digital form usable on the various social sites.

The Graphic Design was the easy part, the hard part was figuring how each social platform worked and I spent hours figuring out the code to get the look just right. I have to admit the one I had the most trouble with was MySpace because they have this new profile system which makes it look a billion times better than before but not as customizable. It looks like MySpace is trying really hard to look just as sleek as Facebook.

I Swear I spent nearly all of Sunday to figure out how not to make my background look so pixelated. No before you get all "you gotta play around with the resolution blah blah blah" on me, I have tried everything in the book. The problem was that to have an image used as the background you'd have to upload it as a picture in your account first and then set it as a background. The problem is that when MySpace uploads it the site they alter your picture to fit their site, which tend to mean they make it smaller and a lower resolution. It's alright if you want people just to look at it and say "oh so that's what he's been working on." but if you want it to be a kick @$$ background that says "my band is the most rocking band out there." it's not enough. If you know how I could fix this please, please do let me know.

Feel free to check out my work though.

and feel free to like The Velvet Aces Facebook fanpage :D

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Angela said...

Hiya Moe!

Let's see...if you don't me asking this,but I would like to know the resolution of the background image that you've working on.I've tried to view it through my Firefox,but it seems you have it 'disabled',heh.Anyways,I'm viewing your band's profile at the moment with a screen resolution of 1680x1050 pixels.

And I was browsing around other bands' profile,in case I could see the 'pattern' of their page.When I stumbled with this band:

...I noticed that their main banner is in the pixels of 1000x296,in JPEG format.What's intrigues me is that,they've 'overlapped' their profile,in a ol-skool way.In case you're wondering,I'm uisng the Layout Ripper :P (the banner URL:

Like you've mentioned,you've tried everything,right? Well,I guess,the main culprit could be the new profile system gone sengal.To be honest,I could send a complain to the Help Support,but...forget it.On the other hand,as for my short-term solution,I might end up design a new background though,probably,make it smaller (as in a logo-sized),so that I could tiled it up.

Well,I know the second option doesn't sound that 'nice',like who wants their 'synchronization' of our online identity to get a lil bit different? o_0 Owh,I've been viewing this page too,in case you're interested:

PS: Love your design! I like how you blend those textures,AND I really like your band's logo! Ya know what,I think graphic designing is your hidden talent,like,you've nailed all the way through! :D Keep up with the good work!


Moe Nasrul said...

WOW Angela thank you very much :D your a really big help :D

and I think your right, with the new Myspace profile the way it is maybe designing something that could be tiled be a great idea :D

Will try it and post up on my blog the results :D

Moe Nasrul said...

By the way the resolution is 1700x800 if i'm not wrong :D