Monday, September 13, 2010

Raya, The website and Future wedding plans.

  That's right I have finally completed a whole list of to do's. why is this such an achievement? well considering that getting back into top gear after a major holiday such as Hari Raya or Eid ul-Fitri takes great will and discipline. I was so tempted to just laze around and... eat. Oh my waste line, oh!

First and foremost, my fiancee and I have started planning for our wedding which would take place next year. To be frankly honest, I enjoyed it! I mean I guess guys are brainwashed into thinking that planning for your wedding is this torturous affair but nothing felt so right for me. I mean I guess my years in the world of entertainment and events made planning my wedding just a little easier because I knew where to look for certain things like decorations, tents, venues, etc. I guess the pain for other men come from a Bridezilla type fiancee... If that is the case I would like to thank my dearest Boo for not being such a Bridezilla and making the wedding planning process a dream. I mean I feel like I'm getting my dream wedding too! Ok... I realise how that sounds... oh heck bring on the tutu and pink glittered wand!

Thirdly, I have registered a domain name and bought hosting services for my band the velvet aces. I have also put together a team of people to help me build the website and soon it would be up and running. If your wondering the website is . It's currently under construction now so when you go there all you'll see is the bands cool logo and a short sincere, personally letter from me saying that the site is under construction. Yup as you can tell I am involved every step of the way and I am going to make the website as personal as possible, no air of "I'm a celebrity, get me outta here!" attitude.

What's next on my to do list? hmmmmm, let me see...I'm writing a musical...Shhhhhhhh it's our little secret :D

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s p a r k l i n g r o s e said...

I just read this entry and congratulations Moe! How many years have you been together now? Look forward to seeing more updates on the wedding planning on this blog.

Also I have been updating on a Tumblr blog for quite some time now, if you can update the link from to :)

Again, congratulations!