Monday, January 25, 2010

An article about VIMA...

Hey guys and gals,

There I came across another article about VIMA 2010 for you guys to read from NST.

"A night to remember


MALAYSIA’S independent music scene is not one to be scoffed at.
Despite the continuous complaints of a lack of support for our homegrown artistes, our underground musicians are thriving on passion for their art.

That much was proven last Sunday, at the Voize Independent Music Awards, held at The Mist, Bangsar, KL. The show was slated to start at 7.30pm and guests, media, VIPs, judges and musicians all trooped in, ready to rock.

Aptly themed “Indiecent”, the night kicked off with beatboxing from Kraft, MC Vandal and Young Stunna; whose Daft Punk-esque stylings elicited roars from the crowd.

Poseidon Connection then took to the stage, amping us all up energetic guitar riffs and freakin’ cool vocals. Apparently at VIMA, “mother” is only half a word.

The MCs for the night were C Loco, Moe Nasrul and the lovely Adrea Abdullah, who kept us informed and entertained with their wacky one-liners. "

to read the full article just head on down to NST's webpage

Moe Nasrul's Facebook profile

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