Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've been doing alot of travelling both for work and R&R especially during the chinese new year. I would like to give a shout out to all on facebook and twitter who've kept me company on lonely car or bus rides as i travel inter-state. You guys are the best.

Some of the things happening for me is that i would be hosting on the 6th of march the Band Aid for Haiti at laundry,the curve. It's an awesome collaboration between 2crank.com and Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia where all proceeds will be given to Mercy Malaysia and Unicef to help rebuild Haiti. So come on and rock out.

As i write this i'm looking out from an aeroline bus window and i have to admit there is something beautiful about all these hills and jungles. Like a lost city is hidden within them or something of the like. Maybe one day i'd explore them. Sigh...the mindless babblings of a sleep deprived inter-state journey man.

In other news i finally got a band together which is wonderful and already we are writing songs which will soon hit the airwaves. As well a collaboration between a Good friend of mine C. loco formerly of Poetic Ammo, will soon be launched in march. So for those who wonder what my singing voice sounds like, you'll be hearing it soon enough. Well til next time my friends...cheers:)

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