Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes...

The amount of birthday wishes that i had received today had caught me off guard. I was so touched at how many people remembered my birthday.

So officially thank you everyone for your birthday wishes and thanks to those close to me (specifically my family and close friends) who all tried and rushed to be the first one to say happy birthday... i really appreciate the extra attention.

Thanks Emily my cute lil pumpkin pie for your present which really will help me alot.

Thanks Alisha for the notebook/sketchbook... really love the cover.

And thanks to the anonymous person or persons that had delivered a present to the Fly office.

the letter says in criptic Halloween faunts... "Because we like you , we want you to smell good :D Happy Birthday"

I smell ok what :P hehehehehe whoever it is thanks for the gift :D

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