Monday, January 12, 2009

The Gaza Strip...

As i read the latest article on BBC, Al-jazeera and our very own News Straight Times, i decided to break my blog's neutral positive few on life, to voice out what i really think about the whole situation on the Gaza Strip.

First off all, Israel claims that they are defending their country from "terror". It seems that they are the Terrorist here and actually invading and not defending. Lets look at the death count shall we, so far 900 Gazans dead according Palestinians medics and only 13 Israelis have died so far. Most of the 900 hundred dead are civilians. The UN says that 30% of the fatalities and 40% of the wounded are Civilian women and children. Now Israel is sending in their Army Reservists which means that a full-scale attack in the horizans.

Does this look like the military force of a weak nation? (pictures courtesy of

The Israelis have used accessive force to "defend" themselves, i mean are all those tanks rolling into Gaza really a defence force? Is moving in an attacking a neighbouring city really a defencse move? sounds like a Bullcrap PR spin to me which is covering up what Israel is really doing... Invading and killing innocent.

Does this kid look like a soldier to you? (Pictures courtesy of

Whats not fair is why isn't any western powers doing anything more than just talk? Think about this, if the invading nation was Russia, China, Iraq, or any other nation would it be seen as a "Oh i'm defending myself?". No, it would be seen as a Terroristic invasion and they would quickly jump into their helicopters and warships and be out there.

I mean heck the US invaded Iraq just for having supposed "weapons of mass destruction" which in the end we found out was false and here we have an out right invasion and we have are talks.

My heart and support goes out to all the foundations and nations that have sent medical teams and supplies for the wounded because the situation is really bad down there. I guess we all know that... it was said that the hospitals are so over crowded that for the peopel of Gaza it's better to die then to be taken to them because supplies are running low. For example sometimes the hospitals have to operate with out any anesthetics cause there are just to many people wounded, The are using cotten which sticks to the wound because they are out of gauze. Do see the Israelly people suffering this much?

Israel has done a great job at fooling the world that they are a small country surrounded by the Big Arab nations who threaten their very existence but i'm sorry... Israel doesn't look like a small weak country to me, they look like a pretty strong military force thats got strong influences so much so that the whole western world is just bending over.


eMilyism said...

Israelis, who are Zionists, are the biggest bigots, propaganding and living in a stolen land.

True jews believes their diaspora is a 'Holy Decree'--their promised land will be given to them at the coming of second messiah-- not by force and by cohersive action.

I think the word Jews, Israelis, and Zionist are interchangable especially in our generation. We were all born after the creation of the land of Israel. We need to understand that not all Jews are Zionist and support the creation of the Jewish state of Israel.

My heart truly goes out to the people of Palestinians and Gazans. Actions has to be taken and i hope Malaysia will succeed in dragging Israel to the International Court of Justice for Human Rights violations.

eMilyism said...

Sorry, it's coercive, not cohersive

Moe Nasrul said...

I hope that something that can stop all the carnage be done too.