Thursday, January 8, 2009

A brand new year...

Hani hanging of the net during a inter-department Volley ball match... Programming got second place :( while Barnding and promotions took home the prize...

Where do i begin... ok how about recapping a few events that are still fresh in my mind at the end of 2008 and into the beginning of 2009. well actually it's all based on the million and one pictures i have stored on my camera and phone... i'm kind of like the guy from the movie Momento, you know where Guy Pierce was the the dude that can't maek new memories so he uses pictures to remind him. well anyways first of...

The Global Brand Forum 2008 at Palace Of the Golden Horses.

I got to cover the event and while covering also learned how to make a killer brand, killer!
Plus really love the palace of golden horses... just check out the rolling grass hills that lead up to the hotel lit by the morning sunlight.

Dinner with Emily

Having a long distance relationship is not the easiest thing in the world... thae hardest part? well the distance like duh hehehe :D So Emily was down in the Klang Valley one fine weekend and we had dinner. Small moments that mean so much.

Christmas Lunch at our GM Seelan Pauls place.

That's right everyone that worked at Hot Fm, Fly Fm and One Fm (the new chinese radio station) was there... i wish i was clicking away alot sooner than i would have more pictures but i was too busy eating cause the food was really good. Especially the Coconut desert thing that Seelan Paul's wife made... i was like so addicted to and Amrita(producer of the Pagi show) too!

Aush was the first to attack the food when we arrived (above) and Hot Fm's Tini and her significant other Sul.
Jules and her cousin Sureen (who's also part of our sales team) on the phone...
The Bosses (Seelan Paul in the Santa hat and Izam with his wife on the right)
Everyone that works in the network... like one big happy family.

ONE FM official Launch at One World Hotel!!!

Fly Fm and Hot Fm gets a new sibling!!! One FM and evryone was there at the offical "birth"... well it's launch but i think birth is cooler...

The Inside
The Entrance within and entrance

The "alley way" to the entrance.

The Entrance

The Buntings outside the entrance
The New Program manager for One Fm Sui Yee...
Shareena the Copywriter and Amrita with her new hair :D

Azura pretending that she didn't notcie me taking a picture of her.
Azura and Fara (above) and Simon the enginner, Ikwan and KIran (below)


LoNeRaNgerSpEaK said...

wow..been bz huh,moe!...
1)did hunny really hang like that?..

2)Global Forum brand was really educate you erk?

3)dinner with's sweet u guys..=)
p/s i like the t-shirt(youtube,myspace words)

4)christmas lunch- eat! eat!

5)one fm official lunch - wow!.

Moe Nasrul said...

yeah the shirt actually says "Youtube MySpace and i'll Google your Yahoo!" :P