Friday, July 18, 2008

Newspaper...5 things that i find irritating when sharing it with others.

Okay i have to admit this post would be one of those "i-just-got-caught-in-the-moment-and-i -really-really-gotta-write-about" ... it all happened when i was reaching for the Star and News straight times newspaper... and hear are the annoying things i get irritated with when share a newspaper with either your colleges or housemates.

5) The pages are always bent, crumpled, dog-eared or articles are cut or ripped out.

4) the most interesting articles are always the ones behind the article that has been cut out...

3) Sports are the always gone but...

2)Comics are always the first to go missing :D

1)Everything is taken apart and is all over the place... i mean heck you see and interesting article on the front page table of contents... for one hour your like where the heck is N16!!!!!!!

oh well... just my random babling on and on... pretty interesting news nowadays tho.


Why It's Lame said...

haha i read the 2 most recent entries and really liked them. if you ever want to work together I think you could make some great contributions to our blog. we eventually we want to move on from blogger and have our own domain - just starting things out here.

take care,

Why It's Lame

Moeology said...

thanks man... :D